Peter Sarsgaard and Dakota Fanning Talk NIGHT MOVES, Working with Kelly Reichardt, BRAIN ON FIRE, BONE TOMAHAWK and More

     May 29, 2014


“To cook meat well, don’t touch it too much.”  According to Peter Sarsgaard, that’s the approach writer-director Kelly Reichardt takes to her movies and you can absolutely see that in her latest, Night Moves.  Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning lead as Josh and Dena, a couple and pair of environmental activists determined to blow up a dam in Oregon.  In order to get the job done, they team up with Sarsgaard’s Harmon, a former Marine who has a little more knowhow.  Even though the trio actually manages to pull it off, their success doesn’t have the intended effect and instead leaves them suffering the consequences themselves.

With Night Moves getting a limited release on Friday, May 30th, Sarsgaard and Fanning sat down with Collider to talk about their experience making the film.  After the jump, check out what they told us about their collaboration with Reichardt and thoughts on Dena and Harmon’s choices as well as what’s happening with Bone Tomahawk and Fanning’s reaction to scoring the lead role in the book-to-film adaptation, Brain on Fire. 

Peter Sarsgaard & Dakota Fanning:

  • On connecting to their characters and what they do in the film.
  • How much information does Reichardt give her actors on their characters?
  • Does Reichardt’s process make it difficult to get a sense of what the film will be in the end?
  • Fanning on signing on for Brain on Fire.
  • Sarsgaard on the status of Bone Tomahawk.

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