Nike Walks Around in Nostalgia with TRANSFORMERS Shoe

     July 1, 2009


It doesn’t quite beat yesterday’s news about “Liquid Artillery“, but the announcement of three pairs of special edition “Transformers” shoes crafted entirely out of nostalgia comes close.  The three characters getting their own footwear are Megatron (Nike Zoom Flight Club), Soundwave (Nike Sharkalaid) and Bumblebee (Nike Zoom FP).  No word yet if the Soundwave shoe isn’t made for wearing as much as just sitting on your shelf telling other shoes what to do.  If it had a tape-recorder, that would be cool too.

But with the packaging and the nostalgia designed to appeal to kids, these shoes can’t be that expensive.  They’re meant for the new generation of “Transformers” fans.  I mean, they have Velcro instead of laces!  So, what do they cost?  $40?  $50?

$100.00.  One hundred dollars for the Nike Zoom FP and Nike Sharkalaid.  The Megatron Nike Zoom Fight Club?  $120.00.  Twenty bucks for extra evil.  I understand that these shoes are limited editions, but it’s much quicker to just say “I’m a piece of shit” than to say “I just dropped one hundred and twenty dollars on Megatron shoes.”


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