Nintendo Wii Drops $50 to $199.99 Starting September 27th

     September 21, 2009


Every time a console’s price drops, it makes me wish I’d waited to buy one, but the Wii was already a steal (by comparison) at $249, and I bought mine at the Universal City Walk launch party, so lord knows I didn’t have the patience to wait. Yes, the Wii is to drop by $50 to $199 starting Sept. 27–valuable intel pulled from Toys ‘R Us and Best Buy circulars. More about the change and why after the jump.

As if it weren’t obvious, Nintendo is cutting the Wii’s cost to compete with recent price drops in the XBox 360 and Playstation 3, particularly the latter. At only $299, the PS3 is currently only $50 more than a Wii (prior to this announcement), and includes a Blu Ray player and games at HD quality. Nintendo’s move is just countering Sony’s attempt to narrow the gap.

Variety also reports that game publishers are hinting that Nintendo has an HD Wii set to drop in 2011, which should have Microsoft and Sony execs shivering in their boots, as Nintendo is whooping their asses even without high def gaming. Now if they sweeten the deal by adding a DVD player, that’ll have me salivating. We just have to wait it out until the press releases start rolling in.


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