Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson Teaming Up for a 3rd Project Together

     March 5, 2010


Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson are collaborating once again on a new untitled project. This would be the 3rd effort the two directors have joined in on, with Baumbach co-writing both The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and Fantastic Mr. Fox with Anderson.  In an interview Baumbach did with The Playlist, he hinted at the duo’s new project claiming that the film has been in development for years, prior to their first film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Baumbach was of course very sly in the interview, not giving away very many important details but saying:

“Wes and I do have another… I dunno if you’d call it a partly written script – but it’s a partly written story, ideas and scenes that we have been talking about for a long time”

Hit the jump for details on what both Baumbach and Anderson have said about the film.

the_darjeeling_limited_movie_image_wes_anderson.jpgOf course The Life Aquatic was released back in 2004 so the film’s changed quite a bit since then.

“It’s becoming kind of an ongoing document of our friendship, it’s something we keep adding to every time we see each other. At least once or twice [when we meet up] they’ll be something that cracks us up that we’ll go, ‘Oh, that should go into the script,’ but I ‘m not necessarily sure if we’ll end up finishing it. In some ways it’s more fun to just add to it.”

“It has a basic premise, it has a lot of characters, it has a lot of story actually, but these things transform all the time. You think the [story] is one thing and then it turns out to be another.”

It sounds awesome. If it’s the kind of movie that you add to every time you see someone, the premise is bound to be even more dysfunctional than we usually expect from the two. And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this magical gem. Back in 2007, The Playlist sat down with Wes Anderson who also hinted at the collaboration.

“Noah [Baumbach] and I started working on a…story for a movie without really realizing we were doing it. It wasn’t ‘The Life Aquatic.’ It was something else that we haven’t even finished writing. Whenever we would go to dinner or something, we’d just start making up scenes for this thing and then we just started writing them down because [we realized] that we’ve got a lot of stuff now.”

I love Wes Anderson and so if he’s in on this project than I’m sure it will be great. Baumbach has yet to win me over, with his infuriating Margot at the Wedding being a big let down compared to his film The Squid and the Whale. Regardless, if this movie moves ahead anytime soon, we’ll let you know about it.

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