New Trailer for NOAH; Early Reactions Offer Praise but Predict Polarizing Response from Audiences

     March 11, 2014


Director Darren Aronofsky’s long-awaited Black Swan follow-up Noah had its world premiere last night in Mexico, which means the first reactions to the finished film are in.  Unsurprisingly, most pointed out that a lot of the film has been hid from the marketing—namely the more fantastical elements.  The overall reaction was mainly positive, but many pointed out that it is destined to be a quite polarizing film.  That’s not exactly a shock given that most of Aronofsky’s films elicit strong reactions, and with regards to Noah, the film appears to have a heavy philosophical bent while visually resembling a fantasy pic.

In addition to the first responses, Paramount has also released a new trailer for the film.  After the jump, watch the trailer and peruse through some of the reactions from last night’s premiere screening.  Noah opens in theaters on March 28th.


A full rundown of the Noah premiere at THR describes the crowd reaction as “muted”, with a number of critics that the author spoke to saying the film was “slow”, “tiring”, and “a bit long”.  That’s just a small subsection, though, as the Twitter reactions from American critics and online journalists were more positive:














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