Discover the Secrets of ‘Firebase’ in the Latest Short Film from Oats Studios

     June 28, 2017


While you weren’t looking, Neill Blomkamp has been busy assembling an independent production company by the name of Oats Studios. Their mission is to provide experimentally shot content online through a variety of platforms with the aim of raising additional funding through the sale of original digital assets on Steam. In other words, they’re making short films for their fans and are looking to those fans for feedback and support. That’s a pretty bold move, but the early looks at the studio’s content suggests the gamble might just pay off.

We’ve already seen two trailers for Oats Studio: Volume 1 as well as the first short film titled “Rakka.” Now, the next short film in the first volume is available for your viewing pleasure. The nearly 27-minute long mini-movie titled “Firebase” further explores the mythology of Blomkamp’s vision, and it does so by folding in scenes that are reminiscent of Predator and Apocalypse Now. To say more would be to give too much away, so feel free to discover the short film’s secrets for yourself below. And remember that whether or not there will be a Volume 2 is up to you.

Check out Volume 1 “Firebase” below:

Find out how you can see more from Oats Studios and help to fund their future content:

Help fuel volume two by showing your support through our website or alternatively purchase the FIREBASE DLC through Steam.


FIREBASE DLC includes:
HQ 5.1 Video File
HQ Stereo Video File
Concept Art
3D Assets
More to come as we package up content

Oats Website:

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