Olivia Wilde Returning for HOUSE Series Finale; Thomas Lennon Joins NEW GIRL Season Finale

     March 20, 2012


It’s the end of March, which in TV Land means it’s time to start planning for the season finales that will air in May.  We wanted to pass along a pair of notable finale castings over at Fox.  First, TV Line reports that Olivia Wilde will return for the House series finale.  Wilde left the cast last season to capitalize on her budding movie career.  But since she played Thirteen for 80 episodes on the medical drama, so social courtesy dictates she returns for the very last episode.  Even amid the lulls, House has always been great with “event” episodes, so I am excited to see how the writers sign off after 8 seasons (presumably with a bang).  As a fan of Wilde and the character, I’m glad she will be involved.  Creator David Shore and longtime House writers are currently working on the swan song, which will air on May 21.

Hit the jump for details on Thomas Lennon‘s role in New Girl.

new-girl-fox-castAccording to The Live Feed, Mary Elizabeth Ellis will reprise her role as Caroline, the manipulative ex-girlfriend of Nick (Jake Johnson) in the final three episodes of the first season.  Nick considers moving in with Caroline, which would open up a room in the apartment.  Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris) start looking for possible replacements—Lennon will guest star as one of the candidates.  The season finale will air on May 8, cementing the first unqualified hit sitcom Fox has premiered in quite some time.

In addition to Ellis and Lennon, Justin Long will return in the penultimate episode, reprising his role as Jess’ similarly awkward romantic interest.