On Set Video Interviews with the Cast of LIE TO ME Including Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund and Brendan Hines

     June 6, 2010

Tim Roth Lie to Me video interview on set slice

When Lie to Me was filming the finale of the upcoming season, I was invited – along with a few other reporters – to visit the set and interview the cast.  As a fan of Tim Roth and the show (which airs Monday night’s on Fox), I thought it would be cool to walk around The Lightman Group office and also talk with the cast.  While some set visits involve a lot of walking and checking out the various departments, for the Lie to Me set visit, it was mostly about sitting in Tim Roth’s office on the show and waiting for cast members to get a break from filming.

As many of you know, usually when I do a set visit, I’m forced to use an audio recorder and you have to read a transcript.  But for the Lie to Me set visit, Fox was very cool as they let me use my video camera and after the jump you can watch the interviews with Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund and Brendan Hines. All of them talked about what you can expect this season, what it’s been like filming all these episodes that no one has seen, and a lot more.  Take a look:

Note: These interviews were recorded before Lie to Me got renewed for another season. Also, you may have a tough time hearing some of the questions as my microphone was set up to record what the actors were saying.

Finally, Lie to Me returns with new episodes tomorrow night on Fox.

Tim Roth

Kelli Williams

Monica Raymund and Brendan Hines