Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Get His Hullabaloo on in Extended ‘Once Upon a Time…’ Clip

     November 22, 2019


From the moment I saw the first trailer for Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, I was the most excited about one moment. Not the promise of revisionist Charlie Manson history. Nor the pleasures of seeing mega-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt hang out with each other. No, dear reader, I was the most excited about seeing DiCaprio, as has-been actor Rick Dalton, sing and dance on fake Laugh-In-esque variety show “Hullabaloo.” I loved the set, the campy vibes, and the promise of DiCaprio going for broad comedy — a mode he’s very good in. In the final theatrical cut of the film, we get just a glimpse of this moment, played out in one take. But I wanted more. And now… I’ve got it.


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

In celebration of the film’s home release, Sony Pictures has dropped an extended Hullabaloo clip from the bonus features for us to all enjoy. It’s a completely different song from the theatrical cut, and it’s just as delightfully silly. The tilted letters in the background still rule, and the background dancers’ impeccable commitment pops so hard against DiCaprio’s tipsily casual “clearly just stumbled on set” of it all. If Tarantino and DiCaprio ever wanted to make a pure, silly comedy about silly dances, I am on friggin’ board.

Check out the full Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood clip below, and enjoy the hell out of DiCaprio’s half-baked choreo. The film is currently available on digital, and available on 4K and regular Blu-ray December 10. For more on the Tarantino epic, check out our coverage of an awesome screening and discussion with the director and his stars at the New Beverly. Plus, check out star Brad Pitt having a fun chat with BFF Adam Sandler (!). Finally, check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary about the filmmaker, QT8: The First Eight.

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