‘Only the Brave’: First Trailer Has Josh Brolin Leading an Elite Team of Firefighters

     July 19, 2017


Sony has released the first Only the Brave trailer. Previously titled Granite Mountain and Granite Mountain Hotshots, Only the Brave is based on the true story of the elite group of firefighters who battled the Yarnell Hill wildfire, which blazed through Arizona in June 2013.

Speaking to GQ (which previously covered the 2013 fire in the story “No Exit”), director Joseph Kosinski explained that the reason he wanted to tackle the story is because it’s told from the perspective of the guy at the top, superintendent Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin), and new recruit Brendan McDonaugh (Miles Teller):

I read an early draft of the script, and wildland firefighting was something I didn’t know anything about. You know, their job is so far away from civilization, in many cases. That was fascinating to me. And the approach of this story—taking it from two points of view simultaneously. There’s the guy at the very top: Eric Marsh [Josh Brolin], the superintendent of the Granite Mountain hotshots. And the guy at the bottom: Brendan McDonaugh [Miles Teller], who is just applying for the job. I thought that was a very interesting structure—and being a Midwest kid from a small town, I guess I related to the world of Prescott. It’s a fascinating story, and very different than anything I’ve done before.

As for the trailer, it looks like a solid film, and definitely a departure for Kosinski. The film has a great cast, and the story of the hotshots is definitely worth telling, so hopefully this all comes together.  It will be interesting to see if the movie does a festival run in the hopes of getting in the awards race.

Check out the Only the Brave trailer below. The film opens October 20th, and also stars Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, James Badge Dale, and Jennifer Connelly.

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