New Trailer for ‘Onward’ Teases Pixar’s Next Emotionally Devastating Adventure

     December 17, 2019

Disney has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming new Pixar film Onward, and in true Pixar fashion it looks like a brilliant idea executed with an intense focus on emotional resonance. The story revolves around two teenage elf brothers (voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) who find a spell that brings their father back from the dead for 24 hours—which offers the youngest brother a chance to meet him for the first time. But when the spell goes wrong, the clock is ticking as the brothers set out on a fantastical adventure to fix their mistake before it’s too late.

This new trailer offers a fuller look at the fantasy world that director Dan Scanlon (Monsters University) has created, but every frame is dripping with deep-rooted emotion as the core of the story remains absolutely heartbreaking. A kid trying to meet his father for the very first time? The finale of this one is sure to rival Field of Dreams‘ “Wanna have a catch?” for one of the most emotional father-son scenes of all time, assuming it’s heading where I think it’s heading.

Regardless, I can’t wait. In addition to the strong emotional core of the story, there’s also a really wonderfully drawn fantasy world that the characters inhabit, and I’m excited to see the various creations that Scanlon and his team have dreamt up.

Check out the new Onward trailer below. Produced by Kori Rae, the voice cast also includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia SpencerLena Waithe, Ali Wong, Mel Rodriguez, and John Ratzenberger. Look for Onward in theaters on March 6, 2020.

Here’s the official synopsis for Onward:

Set in a suburban fantasy world, “Onward” introduces two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot (voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt), who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there. Also featuring the voice of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Ian and Barley’s mom, Laurel Lightfoot, and Octavia Spencer as the voice of the Manticore, Pixar Animation Studios’ all-new original feature film is directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae—the team behind “Monsters University.”


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