Oprah Shows THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE to Her Audience; Reactions to Screening Hit Twitter – UPDATED

     May 6, 2010

With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse getting released June 30, Oprah filmed a Twilight related episode yesterday with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning in attendance to talk about the movie.  While getting to see the stars of the franchise might be enough for most people, Oprah also threw in the very first screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

While I’m sure the audience was asked to keep it secret and refrain from telling people what they thought, many took to twitter and their reactions are after the jump.  If you’re looking for objective criticism, you might want to look elsewhere, as it sounds like the audience was filled with Twihards.  The Oprah episode airs May 13.

Update – Summit has sent over two new Eclipse movie images and they’re in high res below the original story.

Thanks to moviefone for the story.  Via rottentomatoes.

@Vivian_Ortiz Eclipse was amazing! Can’t wait to see the final version! Best Movie Yet.

@CristalVaca Just watched Eclipse, it was f***ing incredible.

@JustSoJazzyDiva OMFG @Twilight Saga #Eclipse was so freaking good!!! Blew Twilight & New Moon out the water!!! It was AMAZING!! YES!!! The leg hitch was in the movie!!! Suuuch a hott scene!!!

@Courtneex3 OH MY GOD!!!! Eclipse was absolutely AMAZING. Better then both New Moon & Twilight! Holyy crappp =O

I just saw Eclipse. Oh my F****G god. Best movie I have ever seen. The fight scenes the love scenes oh my god. Hands the whole time and cried and omfg. This isn’t real. I love you Oprah. You will NOT be disappointed and the love sceenes are f’ng HOT. Turned me on a little.

@MochaChick8705 OMG!!! #Eclipse was so amazing!! Can’t wait to go to the Oprah show tomorrow to see Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Dakota!! Look for my tweets!!

@TrendingJB Just saw Eclipse!! AMAZING movie. That’s ALL I’m saying.

@WTFKStew “Eclipse was amazing! Can’t wait to see the final version! Best Movie Yet. 🙂

@twilightskittle ECLIPSE: BEST movie out of the series! It was so much more intimat…and the proposal was very touching.

Sorry Eclipse was amazing, sorry I couldn’t contain myself. Everyone should be GLAD the movie turned out

@AlphieLJ was at the Eclipse screening for Oprah and what you are hearing on twitter is true. Two thumbs WAY up!

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