Disney Puts a Hold on ORDER OF THE SEVEN

     May 22, 2012


Just as production was about to roll on Disney’s action adventure, Order of the Seven, the studio put an indefinite hold on the project.  Debut director Michael Gracey had plans to start shooting in London as early as this summer, but it looks like those plans have been put on ice.  Order of the Seven, originally envisioned as a martial arts retelling of the story of Snow White, had set its star, Saoirse Ronan and was in the midst of assembling its international cast.  Apparently, all work related to the project has ground to a halt. Even though the film had been in pre-production with cameras ready to roll this year, the project was never officially greenlit and no release date had been established by the studio.  Hit the jump for more information behind the indefinite hold put on Order of the Seven.

Heat Vision reportssaoirse-ronan-order-of-the-seven that Disney is putting Order of the Seven on hold in order to further scrutinize the budgets.  While no amounts have been disclosed, Order of the Seven presumably had a high enough price tag to warrant the stoppage in production, especially considering Disney’s big loss from John Carter earlier this year.  Add into the mix the fact that previous studio head, Rich Ross, who stepped down after the John Carter debacle, was overseeing Order of the Seven and has yet to be replaced, along with the fact that the project has a debut director…it’s no wonder they decided to take a few breaths.

However, the studio recently hired Iron Man scribes, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby to do a polish on the script, so all may not yet be lost.  The story, which has seen a number of iterations over the decade-long development period, centers on a young woman (Ronan) in 19th century Hong Kong who escapes her wicked stepmother to take up sanctuary with a band of seven warriors tasked with defeating dragons and demons. 

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