Funny Video Double-Feature: The OREGON TRAIL Trailer and Eva Mendes’ Sex Tape

     August 3, 2010


What’s better than one funny video?  Two.  The answer is “two funny videos.”  The first video is a fake trailer for an adaptation of the “educational” computer game The Oregon Trail.  I put “educational” in quotes because even though the game tried to teach you about life in mid-19th century life in America, anyone who’s ever played it really only learned the following: play as the Banker, shoot way more food than you could ever carry, and to accept that at least one member of your family will die when you ride the rapids at the end of the game.  It’s an amusing trailer, but becomes less so when you realize that one day there probably will be an Oregon Trail movie.

As for the other video, we have Eva Mendes promoting her sex tape. (It’s also a way to promote The Other Guys in which she plays the wife of Will Ferrell’s character)  Once you watch the video, you’ll understand that I’m not link-baiting.  Well, maybe a little bit.  Hit the jump to check out both videos.


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