Welcome to the Clone Club: The Definitive ‘Orphan Black’ Clone Guide

     April 13, 2016


It’s been too long since we caught up with Sarah, Cosima and the rest of the doppel-gang, but clone club is back in session with Orphan Black’s Season 4 premiere, bringing the underrated Tatiana Maslany-led sci-fi back to television screens (and into our hearts) once again.

A seemingly impossible amount of information has come to light in just three seasons of Orphan Black, revealing two decades-old clone projects (LEDA and CASTOR), shadowy organizations, religious zealots, and seemingly unstoppable military factions that all serve to obscure the true origin of Sarah and her sisters. And though things have largely been full-speed ahead for the series, Season 4 is promised to be a return to the show’s beginnings. Catching up with Sarah at her Icelandic stronghold, much of the fourth season will be devoted to tracking down an entity connected to Beth Childs, the clone whose suicide led Sarah and her sisters into the devious web of mystery in which they are currently stuck.

According to BBC America’s synopsis for the upcoming season, Sarah will follow Beth’s footsteps as closely as she can, even as she is drawn into the clutches of a potential new enemy. Who could that be? Co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett are keeping tight-lipped on the answer, but we’d wager it to be one of the two new clones joining the cast this season: the Maslany-portrayed M.K., an intelligent and dangerous project LEDA clone or Ira, the newest threat from Project CASTOR, to be played by the fantastic Ari Millen.

But before the show goes back to the beginning, let’s get everything straight. By my count, there are 11 known clones still alive and kicking, with many more sadly down for the count. To help you stay on top of them all, we’ve broken down every single one, from Sarah Manning to Katja Obinger and everyone in between.

NOTE: This list only includes clones shown on the BBC America series and does not include clones included in the Orphan Black comic series.