Oscars 2010: The Stars of the Best Animated Feature Category Talk About What Being Nominated Means to Them – Featuring FANTASTIC MR. FOX, UP, CORALINE, THE SECRET OF KELLS and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG

     March 8, 2010


One of the best moments during last night’s Oscars was the intro to the Best Animated Feature category.  Instead of the normal presentation where you have the two presenters come out and say the five nominees and then someone wins, the telecast had Steve Carell and Cameron Diaz introduce the stars of the Best Animated Feature Category so they could say what being nominated means to them.  As you might imagine, the answers were very well done and it’s definitely worth checking out if you missed the broadcast last night.  Also, if you were a fan of either Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up, Coraline, The Princess and the Frog or The Secret of Kells, it’s a way to see new footage of your favorite characters.

One thing to know, the only footage I could find online is below.  You can start at the beginning, but if you want to get right to it, go to 1:10 in the clip.  You can also see Up win the Award and the thank you speech.

Up_retro_movie_poster_Pixar (4).jpg

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