Oscar Nominations Predictions 2020: Who Gets In?

     January 10, 2020

At long last, it’s time to predict the Oscar nominations. Well not exactly at long last. In truth, this Oscar season has been one of the shortest in history. The Golden Globes were last Sunday, and yet the Oscars ceremony takes place in less than a month. That shortened window has added a sense of urgency to the mix as contenders vie for the spotlight on an abbreviated timeline.

Perhaps that’s why we haven’t seen too much in the way of negative campaigning or shocking falls from major contenders. There simply isn’t time, and everyone’s focused on making the best case for their individual film and performances. Which has made for an interesting race in a number of categories.

Below I offer my Oscar nominations predictions in quite a few categories, but not all. This year, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to devote the time necessary to confidently assess, say, Best Sound Editing, so I’ve left a few of those off. Regardless, I’ve included my assessment of the major categories in addition to predictions below. And check back on Monday for my analysis of the actual Oscar nominations.

Of note: The predicted nominees in each category are listed in order of likelihood to be nominated.

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