Final Oscar Predictions 2020: Who Will Win and Who Should Win

     February 7, 2020

The time for final Oscar predictions has come. In truth, this awards season has been unlike any other. For one, the abbreviated timeline has resulted in something of a sprint to the finish line as opposed to the marathon of previous years. There were mere weeks between when nominations were announced and when final ballots were due, and the other precursor ceremonies—BAFTAs, DGA and PGA’s, and even the Golden Globes—fell oddly into the Oscar voting schedule. But for another, there really haven’t been any significant negative campaigns. I’d wager that’s on account of a particularly strong Best Picture lineup, but still, it was a joy to bypass the intense outrage that seems to come with each and every awards season.

But predicting the final winners remains a bit of a pickle, especially after last year’s ceremony. Green Book should have been too divisive to win anything big, and yet it took home Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. Bohemian Rhapsody had a majority negative reviews from critics, and yet won four Oscars anyway.

To be honest this somewhat changed my approach this year. I used to be a bit of a statistics hound, but following statistics will only get you so far. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, and go with my gut I did in a few major categories this year. I’ve done my best to explain my reasoning for each pick, along with my traditional who could win, should win, and should have been nominated for most categories. So let’s dig into these final Oscar predictions and meet back here Sunday to compare notes. Deal?

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