Best Performances and Acceptance Speeches from Last Night’s Oscars

     February 23, 2015


Last night’s Oscars were a largely terrible affair, and that’s completely removed from the winners.  As pageantry, it was mostly dull, disappointing, and depressing as a clearly dejected Neil Patrick Harris did shtick everyone, including him, knew was terrible.  Even his big opening number was mediocre, and it was part of the night’s larger hypocrisy where the Academy felt the need to criticize the blockbusters that keep Hollywood in business.

However, the show did have its moments.  Granted, a program that’s longer than 3 hours should have more than “moments”, but they were there.  Below, you can check out the terrific performances of “Everything Is Awesome” from The LEGO Movie (featuring Tegan & Sara, The Lonely Island, and Will Arnett dressed up as Batman) and “Glory” from Selma as well as the memorable acceptance speeches from Patricia Arquette (Best Supporting Actress), Common and John Legend (Best Original Song), and Graham Moore (Best Adapted Screenplay).

Check out the Oscars 2015 acceptance speeches and performances below.

[Via Oscars]


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