5 Things We Learned about the Oscars from Last Night’s Ceremony

     February 25, 2019

Our long national nightmare is over. And Green Book is officially the Best Picture of 2018. So ended one of the most contentious, confusing, and frustrating awards seasons in recent memory. Since September, back when A Star Is Born was the frontrunner in pretty much all the major categories (oh to be young and naïve again!), this year’s Oscar season has been one of extreme ups and downs. Controversies flamed up, tensions flared, and yet at every turn the negative buzz surrounding films like Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody seemed not only to not register with those inside the industry, but perhaps even embolden their love for these “problematic” movies in the first place.

When all was said and done last night, Green Book took home three awards—Best Picture, Original Screenplay, and Supporting Actor—and Bohemian Rhapsody topped all other films with the most Oscars total (despite the fact that it was directed by no one in particular, according to those acceptance speeches). It’s a strange and somehow fitting end to the long trek that got us here, but as someone who’s been covering this race intensely for the past six months, last night’s telecast was not without its enlightening lessons with regards to how we view the Oscars. Here’s what we learned.

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