What Does the 2021 Oscars Delay Mean for Hollywood? – ‘For Your Consideration’

     June 15, 2020

On this week’s For Your Consideration, Collider’s awards experts Scott Mantz, Perri Nemiroff and Jeff Sneider return to discuss the delay to the 93rd Academy Awards and how it will affect Hollywood, as well as awards season in general.

Not only will Oscar voters be considering streaming releases this year, but they’ll taking into account 14 months of releases, as the Academy pushed its eligibility deadline from the customary last day of December to the final day of February, effectively expanding awards season by two months. Jeff is totally against that idea, as not only is he skeptical that studios will release awards contenders in January and February, but he also doesn’t want to be talking about 2020 movies in April 2021. Scott, of course, is on the opposite end of that argument, as he feels that the Oscars should’ve delayed the ceremony to May.


Image via Universal Pictures

Perri and the guys seemed to be in agreement regarding the fate of the Sound Mixing and Sound Editing awards, which have been combined into one category for Best Sound. While she and Scott hoped to hear more from those in the sound community, Jeff argued that the Sound Branch made the decision on its own, so it’s not like it was forced by ABC to shave a few minutes of the telecast. The sad fact is that many voters, and most of the audience, just don’t know the difference between editing and mixing.

The gang also weigh in on the best movies they’ve seen so far this year, with Scott going to bat for The Invisible Man, and Jeff lobbying for a trio of documentaries. Meanwhile Perri says she’s excited to see Pixar’s Soul, while Scott is pumped for David Fincher‘s Mank, and Jeff stumps for new movies starring Riz Ahmed, Jessie Buckley and Radha Blank.

It’s funny how Parasite‘s historic Best Picture win feels like it happened four years ago, even though it was just four months ago. The FYC hosts can’t see into the future, and neither can the Academy or the studios. No one knows what the coming months will bring, but the biggest thing to remember is that safety is more important than any movie or award. This year will almost certainly merit an asterisk due to the pandemic, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Here’s hoping we’re able to produce a full season of For Your Consideration with our partners at ArcLight Cinemas, because we all love movies and want to return to theaters as soon as it’s safe to do so.

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