Oscar Beat: Best Actress Predictions—Huppert Rises as the Plot Thickens

     December 9, 2016


For the second year in a row, the Best Actress race is far more interesting than the race for Best Actor. There have been a bevy of stunning leading actress performances in 2016, and while the Oscar race is still in its fairly early stages, we’ve seen a number of ups and downs. This one’s going to be one of the hardest to predict come Oscar night, as I can foresee a slew of different outcomes, but whoever wins we can rest assured it’ll be for a phenomenal performance.

In coordination with my continuing Oscar coverage here on Collider in the form of Oscar Beat, I’ve put together a few predictions pieces that will be updated as the race moves forward. Below, I’ve assembled some predictions for the Best Actress race, dividing contenders up into a couple of different categories. Keep in mind that, this being the Oscar race and all, things can and will change often, but as of right now, this is the lay of the land.

Last updated December 9th.

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