Puppies Predict the 85th Academy Awards

     February 21, 2013


This is one of the toughest Academy Awards in recent memory when it comes to predictions.  Usually, prediction ballots live or die based on the shorts section coupled with a few surprises.  But a number of major categories are up for grabs this year including Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.  It looks like Argo is the favorite to nab Best Picture, but even some prognosticators are sticking with Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook.  So who can we turn to when it comes to making an accurate prediction?  Puppies, of course.  On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, five puppies had the option of nine bowls of kibble, each labeled with a different Best Picture nominee.  It’s a highly scientific method of predicting the winner, and I wish that the puppies could vote.  They’d probably do a better job than this moron of an Academy voter.

Hit the jump to check out the video, and click here to read Adam’s “The Road to Oscar” series.  The 85th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at 7pm EST on ABC.

Thanks to Nathaniel for the heads up.