Paramount in Exclusive Negotiations for OUR NAME IS ADAM Starring Tom Cruise; Studio Puts Kevin Costner-Starrer DRAFT DAY in Turnaround

     October 17, 2012


Just a day after reporting that Tom Cruise was circling the T.S. Nowlin sci-fi spec script, Our Name is Adam, Paramount appears to be in exclusive negotiations for the property.  Sure to fetch a high price tag, the project could likely be another win for the studio and Cruise, who currently collaborate on the Mission: Impossible franchise and the upcoming film, Jack Reacher.  Another recent winner for Paramount was the acquisition of Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  The studio plans to release the film in late 2013 to qualify for the awards season.  But where there are winners, there must be losers.  Hit the jump to read up on the status of Paramount’s Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner and directed by Ivan Reitman

ivan-reitman-draft-dayDeadline reports that Paramount is shuffling around its acquisitions, but aims to make Our Name is Adam a priority with Cruise attached. The article reports that the picture is in the vein of Back to the Future (but not Looper ?) with Cruise traveling back in time to meet his younger self. Unfortunately, they also mention that the studio is punting Draft Day, a sports comedy they picked up earlier this year.  The Rajiv Joseph and Scott Rothman script “revolves around the general manager of the Buffalo Bills as he spends the day of the National Football League draft frantically trying to get the number one pick for his struggling team.”  Much like the Bills’ playoff luck, this picture seems to have gotten close, but couldn’t quite seal the deal.

Costner was set to play the GM, but the timing is off.  Reitman had only a limited amount of time before he was expected to get the long-in-development Ghostbusters reboot in motion and the studio chose not to force Draft Day into that window.  While Costner is the king of sports movies, he’s also got the Jack Ryan reboot and Luc Besson’s assassin pic, Three Days to Kill Draft Day isn’t being cut from Paramount’s roster as much as it’s being benched temporarily until Reitman and Costner are freed up again.  Paramount is still keen on using his Jack Ryan character, CIA liaison William Harper, in spin-off film, Without Remorse, possibly starring Tom Hardy. Paramount, meanwhile, has about a day to finalize a deal for Our Name is Adam; if they pass, the bidding could get very interesting.


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