Patrick Fugit Set to Lead OUTCAST for Cinemax; Adam Wingard Directing the Pilot

     November 5, 2014


Robert Kirkman’s gearing up to turn another comic series into a TV show and it’s already well worth keeping an eye on.  It’s being reported that Almost Famous and Gone Girl star Patrick Fugit just landed the lead role in the Cinemax show Outcast and that The Guest and You’re Next’s Adam Wingard will direct the pilot episode.

Fugit will play Kyle Barnes, a young man who’s “been plagued by possession since he was a child.”  Hit the jump for more on the exorcism drama.

outcast-comicAccording to Deadline, the series will follow Fugit’s character as he tries to find a reason for his condition, but winds up uncovering “something that could end all life on Earth as we know it” instead.  Philip Glenister will step in as Reverend Anderson, “a hard drinking, hard gambling West Virginian evangelical preacher who believes he’s a soldier in God’s holy war against evil.”  Gabriel Bateman (the little scene-stealer from Annabelle!) is also in the mix as Joshua Austin, an eight-year-old boy living across town “who appears to be possessed by a demon and has a mysterious connection to Kyle.”

There are loads of exorcism movies out there and most follow the same trajectory, strange things start to happen, things get violent and then we get the third act exorcism, so I’m curious to see how the concept will withstand the series format.  (If anyone has read the comics, do chime in!)  However, with folks like Kirkman, Fugit and Wingard involved, I’m very hopeful.

Fugit definitely made an impression in Gone Girl, but it’s about time he snagged a leading role and Wingard is riding high after the success of The Guest as well.  You’re Next and his segment in V/H/S 2 are solid films, but The Guest is on another level entirely and proves he’s deserving of a substantial project.