Showtime Offers First Look at New True Crime Docuseries ‘Outcry’

     May 4, 2020


In late February, Showtime released a trailer for a new documentary series titled Outcry that was slated to premiere on April 3. In mid-March, the network allowed TV critics to watch the first two episodes. 48 hours later, Showtime opted to push the premiere date, and today, the network has finally announced that Outcry will debut on July 5.

Since Collider never ran that first trailer, I’m including it below a new first-look video that Showtime released on Monday. I want you to have as much footage as possible, because this is the kind of sensitive case that would inspire many people to jump to conclusions, though after watching the first two episodes, I suspect the truth is much more complicated than it initially seemed.


Image via Showtime

Outcry examines the gripping story of Texas high school football star Greg Kelley, his controversial conviction for child molestation, and the quest for truth and justice that followed in the wake of his sentencing. I was absolutely riveted by this series, as there isn’t much evidence beyond the word of a four-year-old boy. Now, what happened to this boy is truly terrible, but can you really deny a man his freedom based on the word of a small child, one who may have confused Greg with another young man? In Texas, it seems so.

In a never-before-seen clip from episode one, Kelley, his supporter Jake Brydon, and Cedar Park Chief of Police Sean Mannix present their sides of the story depicting a juxtaposition of innocence and guilt, Outcry captures a raw and divided community over the course of three years as both sides of the appeal process work in pursuit of opposing truths.

The five-part series was produced and directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Pat Kondelis, and it will arrive on Showtime just one week after HBO launches its own six-part docuseries I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, which just unveiled its first trailer on Monday. Be sure and take a look at Outcry below, and then click here for a taste of HBO’s series about the hunt for the Golden State Killer.