‘The Outer Worlds’ DLC “Peril on Gorgon” Date & Details Revealed in First Trailer

     July 23, 2020


Today, as part of the hourlong Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase, Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment revealed details for The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon, the first of two narrative DLCs. That’s great news for fans of the sci-fi RPG, like myself, who have been looking for a good reason to get back into the stylish, colorful, humorous game. In my opinion, The Outer Worlds remains one of the best games to come out in 2019, even though it showed up at the tail end of that year. The port over to the Switch also sets a standard for future games making that jump. And it just so happens to have a world (or worlds) that offer a nice escape right now. So what does the new DLC have to offer?

“Peril on Gorgon”, as the press release puts it, “adds a substantial amount of content to the game’s darkly humorous universe with a brand new noir-tinged adventure that takes players to the Gorgon Asteroid to investigate the mysterious origin of Adrena-Time. While there, you’ll find new weapons and armor, perks, flaws, and the same freedom to approach your problems that made the original game so rewarding.” And it’ll arrive this September, though it’ll also set you back an additional $15, though an available expansion pass that includes both DLCs at a discount is on the way; stay tuned!

You can watch “Peril on Gorgon” in action in the trailer here:

“Peril on Gorgon” requires the base game and the player will have needed to progress past Monarch to access the DLC’s content.

“Peril on Gorgon” will be available on September 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $14.99 and Xbox Game Pass Users will receive a 10% discount on the DLC. Peril on Gorgon will also be available as part of an expansion pass which includes the second DLC for a discounted total price of $24.99. Full details will be revealed at a later date.

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