Exclusive ‘Outlaw King’ Deleted Scene Reveals Chris Pine in an Action-Filled Escape

     November 21, 2018


When I spoke to Outlaw King director David Mackenzie at the Scotland junket for the film, one of the things we talked about both on and off camera were the Netflix film’s deleted scenes. If you didn’t know, after world premiering the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, Mackenzie decided to remove over twenty minutes of footage for the final release. While I enjoyed both cuts of the film, the shorter one is definitely better. That’s because even though the new cut removes the character of William Wallace and a few chase sequences, it improves the overall pacing and allows the Robert the Bruce’s (Chris Pine) arc to shine brighter.

Anyway, while at the junket, I mentioned to both Mackenzie and Netflix that I’d love to premiere an Outlaw King deleted scene on Collider because some of the stuff he removed was really well done and I figured the fans of the film would want to see them.


Image via Netflix

Which brings us to today.

I’m extremely happy to be able to world premiere an Outlaw King deleted scene that features Chris Pine and Aaron Taylor-Johnson escaping from the English army. Spoilers for the film follow below, if you haven’t seen it yet.

I actually got to speak with Mackenzie about the deleted scene and he told me the sequence “took place directly after Robert sails back to the mainland vowing to end all chivalry having been given the news that his brother had been hung, drawn and quartered, all his male supporters massacred and his wife Elizabeth (Florence Pugh) and daughter Marjorie had been captured and taken to England.”

He also told me why he decided to remove the sequence after TIFF:

“I love the sequence and think it has some amazing energy, really good action shots and is a fully rounded scene, which is why I am so glad that Collider is able to show it. I decided to cut it because it was the third surprise attack on Robert in the film – and while these were all based on true events, there was a sense of ‘ambush fatigue’ for the audience experience.  I also felt that Robert had been down enough and wanted to concentrate on him fighting back and clawing his way up from rock bottom, so by removing the scene we go directly to Robert raiding and reclaiming his own castle.  This felt like better momentum and drove the story forward.  Of course it’s a shame to lose great stuff but it should always be about the film as a whole and not the constituent elements.”


Image via Netflix

Like I said before, I think Mackenzie made the right decision removing the scene to make the overall film stronger, especially now that fans have the chance to check it out on its own.

Watch the scene below and further down is my exclusive interview with Mackenzie about the scene, why he cut it, if fans will be able to see any of the other cut scenes or the extended cut, and what Netflix has told him about the number of people that have seen the film.

Based on a true story, Outlaw King stars Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, a man who transformed from defeated nobleman to outlaw hero during Edward I’s occupation of medieval Scotland. Robert claims the Scottish crown, assembles an army, and stands up to the tyranny of their English overlord and his unstable son, the Prince of Wales. Outlaw King also stars Florence PughTony CurranBilly HowleStephen DillaneJames Cosmo, and Sam Spruell.

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