Over 40 New High Resolution Images from IRON MAN

     April 12, 2008

With “Iron Man” fast approaching, it seems like every day I’m posting new images or clips from the film. Actually, I almost feel like I’m posting too much and all these clips and photos are going to give everything away. But since everyone wants to keep seeing the new images and clips…I guess I have to keep posting them.

So posted below is the new 2 minute clip that was shown on Nickolodean the other day as well as over 40 new high resolution images from the movie. In total, there are around 47 images, but not all of them are high resolution.

And one final thing, it’s possible you’ve seen a few of these images before…but a lot of them were brand new to me so I know they’re new to you. Enjoy.

click on any image for high resolution

more images on page 2 —–>


almost every image can be clicked on for high resolution

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