‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror 2018 Event Skins Revealed

     October 9, 2018


It’s back! Overwatch has announced the arrival of the seasonal event Overwatch Halloween Terror, and for 2018 a bevy of new skins and map overlays are now available. The new Overwatch Halloween skins are absolutely delightful, with Soldier 76 getting a Friday the 13th getup, Doomfist transforming into a creature from a black lagoon of sorts, and Pharah getting a positively ghostly new costume—complete with an invisible head. Oh and whoever had bets on Hammond becoming a pumpkin, you were correct.

As per usual, Halloween Terror will involve the arrival of the Junkenstein’s Revenge arcade game playable in two modes: Classic or Endless Night. The big change this year, however, is that players can now choose to play Junkenstein’s Revenge as a total of 10 heroes, including Tracer and Brigitte. That should mix things up nicely.

Check out the teaser video below followed by the images of the Overwatch Halloween event skins for 2018. Happy hunting!

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