Watch: New ‘Overwatch’ Short Film Reveals Mei’s Surprising Origin Story

     August 23, 2017


The folks at Blizzard have released a new Overwatch short film for the wildly popular team-based multiplayer shooter game, and this one is terrific. For those unfamiliar, Overwatch features a diverse cast of playable characters that the gamer uses in the form of team-focused multiplayer shooters. The game modes are diverse, resulting in a variety of maps and play modes that keep Overwatch fresh, but what really makes this game stand out is how much care the folks at Blizzard put into these characters. They’re incredibly diverse in terms of gender, race, country of origin, and sexual orientation, and each character has a backstory that gets filled out by Overwatch comics and animated short films.

This particular short film focuses on Mei, a climatologist stationed at Echopoint: Antarctica. In the backstory of the game, these members of the elite United Nations-formed team of Overwatch were disbanded after the “Omnic Crisis”, and in the short below, we see that Mei went into hibernation and missed the crisis entirely. We watch as she uses science to work her way out of a pickle, with some surprising developments on the way.

This short film is indicative of the richness of the Overwatch world. Mei isn’t some cliché sexy gamer chick—she’s an incredibly intelligent woman of science, who uses her intellect to solve problems. I cannot stress enough how great this game is.

Check out the Overwatch Mei short film below, followed by the recent announcement of the new Junkertown map.

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