Overwatch Launches Winter Wonderland Event with Trailer, New Skins

     December 12, 2017


The holidays are here, which means Christmas is coming to the joyous online multiplayer video game Overwatch. The good folks at Blizzard today launched the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event, which will run from today, December 12th, through January 1st. As with all seasonal events this includes new themed-maps, new skins, and a brand new playmode.

While Mei’s snowball adventure from last year isn’t returning, Overwatch is introducing a new Brawl called Yeti Hunt. It’s a 5v1 experience in which five Mei “Hunters” take on one “Yeti” Winston in the Nepal Village map (reskinned, of course). The Yeti must kill the Hunters five times to win, while the Hunters must kill the yeti once to claim victory. To make it a fair fight, Winston has increased health and armor, and meat packs are scattered throughout the map for him to fuel his ultimate. Mei, meanwhile, has her usual abilities but her Ice Wall and Ice Block times are reduced. She can freeze Yeti Winston, but only when he’s in Rage mode.

Additionally, Overwatch is offering fans a chance to win prizes and gifts. Simply go to their Twitter account and ReTweet that day’s prize. That enters you for a chance to win, and if you ReTweet every day, you win the grand prize of a Razer Grandmaster Gaming Bundle, which includes a Razer Blade Pro 4K Laptop and more Overwatch-related gear.

Check out the Winter Wonderland sizzle reel below, followed by a peek at some of the new skins.

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