Disney Taps Max Borenstein to Pen Original Sci-Fi Space Adventure PALADIN

     March 9, 2012


With Disney’s intergalactic epic John Carter opening this weekend, you would think the studio would have had their fill of sci-fi fare for the time being. Apparently that’s not the case as we’re getting reports that they’ve just tapped The Seventh Son scribe, Max Borenstein to pen their sci-fi space adventure, Paladin. Details are short on the project at the moment and the logline is being kept under wraps, but THR reports that the studio did stress that it is in the realm of a big, epic adventure. Disney also recently picked up an untitled original sci-fi story from Chronicle scribe, Max Landis that involves a brother and sister venturing out into space. Both of these projects are in addition to the planned Dan Harris (Superman Returns) adaptation of Hover Car Racer. It seems that, regardless of John Carter’s performance at the box office this weekend, Disney is in the space race for the foreseeable future.


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