‘Palm Springs’ Sets Record at Hulu With Biggest Opening Weekend, According to Hulu

     July 14, 2020


It looks like viewers are loving Palm Springs so much, they’ve helped make it a record-setting Hulu release. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti star in the recently released rom-com with a twist alongside a killer supporting cast including J.K. SimmonsPeter GallagherCamila MendesMeredith Hagner, and Tyler HoechlinPalm Springs made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, not only from its warm critical reception, but also for setting a Sundance sale record.


Image via Hulu

And it seems the record-setting continues. On Tuesday, Indiewire reported Hulu sources revealed to them Palm Springs set the record for biggest opening weekend on the platform. This means a record number of viewers tuned in to watch Palm Springs beginning Friday, July 10 —when the feature finally landed on Hulu — through Sunday, July 12. Hulu also shared with Indiewire that, apparently, Palm Springs “generated the highest amount of social interest for any Hulu original film to date over its premiere weekend, and was the most discussed Hulu original film on Twitter over its first three days.”

We should take this Hulu report with a proverbial grain of salt. As we’ve seen in the past through Netflix’s reporting of this sort, Hulu did not provide any specific data regarding the precise amount of viewers who tuned in to watch Palm Springs over this three-day window. Similarly, no hard data on what amount of time counts as “a view” (Are they similar to Netflix’s metrics?) or used to measure the social interest for the Samberg-Milioti joint. Nevertheless, it’s both surprising and delightful to see Palm Springs is matching its critical acclaim with strong viewer numbers.

Palm Springs is now available to stream on Hulu. For more, check out our fun, surprising, and in-depth interviews with Palm Springs star Cristin Milioti and producers The Lonely Island.

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