PANZER 88 Plot Details and High-Res Concept Art

     August 23, 2010


One-time Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz recently made waves with his cynical outlook on the franchise’s rudder post-Empire, but he’s long since moved on to other projects.  At the moment, the priority is the horror film Panzer 88.  Said Kurtz, “It’s a good, good project, you haven’t seen anything like it for a while.  It’s a visceral, reality-based story with horror overtones, and the idea is to have it be like the best of the graphic novels these days.”

As co-written and directed by Peter Briggs (Hellboy), Panzer follows “the five-man German crew of the Ilsa — a King Tiger, the biggest tank of its day — on a mission to the frigid and fearsome Russian border, where they tread into an ancient mystery by stirring a powerful entity.”  The independent production begins shooting this winter on a slim $20 million budget; check out concept art from the film after the jump.

Briggs described his take on the material to Hero Complex,

“We’re aiming to do for the tank genre what Hunt For Red October and Crimson Tide did for submarine flicks. Only, with a supernatural twist. We’re upping the ante with visuals, equipment, and scenes that have never been seen in a World War II milieu. In retrospect, it’s strange nobody’s thought to do this in quite this way before.”

Given the limited funds, I’m assuming that Briggs is referring more to a visual ingenuity than an effects extravaganza.  I like the look of this concept art (giant demon robot?!), so I’ll happily throw my support behind an ambitious independent passion project.

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