PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 Screened; Watch Footage of People Reacting Inside the Theater

     October 21, 2010

Last night, Paramount premiered Paranormal Activity 2 in selected theaters across the country.   While some might have wondered if the studio could catch lighting in a bottle for a second straight year, if the lines from last night’s screening are any indication, Paranormal Activity 2 is going to have a huge opening weekend.   Will it beat Jackass 3D’s $50 million dollar opening weekend…I don’t know.  But I do think Paranormal Activity 2 is going to surprise everyone who writes about the weekend box office.

The thing that Paranormal Activity has going for it is that it’s a film you want to see in a crowded theater.  That feeling of being scared in a room full of strangers can’t be recreated at home while watching a DVD.  It’s the main reason I want to see the movie this weekend.

Anyway, at last night’s premiere at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, Paramount recorded the audience watching the movie and after the jump you can see the people’s reactions to the footage.  It’s pretty funny.

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