PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 Gets Ready To SAW Audiences In October

     January 18, 2010

Paranormal Activity slice.jpg

Whenever a film becomes a smash hit, there are the inevitable rip-offs and finally the sequel. For Paranormal Activity, we already have news that the director that cut his teeth on Saw VI has come aboard the untitled and mysterious sequel to the hit that tore into audiences worldwide for over $150 million last year despite only having a budget of $15,000.

According to THR, Kevin Greutert will direct the sequel while Michael R. Perry will write. Greutert edited the first five Saw films and sat in the director’s chair for the sixth installment last October. Meanwhile, Perry has hopped from a variety of TV shows, but is best known for his writing on The Guardian and Millennium. Not exactly the ideal guys to put behind the sequel, but there is a silver lining:


Oren Peli has already given Greutert and Perry his backing. “These guys get it, and the fans won’t be disappointed,” said Peli. Additionally, Peli is actually putting his money where his mouth is, helping to produce the film along with Jason Blum, who helped Peli finance the first.

Do fans of the original, which I proudly count myself among, fear for the worst or just go with it? I currently am in doubtful mode, but I am willing to see what comes of this mixture.

Speaking of seeing it, Paramount will treat audiences with an Oct. 22, 2010 release, which not only lands the weekend before Halloween, but also sits squarely in Saw turf. Perhaps Greutert, who helped usher in the undying franchise, will help knock it off of its pedestal on opening week when the untitled sequel faces off against Saw VII.

Look for an actual title and plot details to release in the coming months, and if you haven’t seen the original, it should be a pleasure to watch at home, alone, in the dark.

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