Surprise! PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Set for Halloween 2013 Release

     October 21, 2012


The fourth installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise literally opened in theaters three days ago, but Paramount has already given a greenlight and a Halloween 2013 release date for Paranormal Activity 5.  Though the decision isn’t exactly a shock, many expected Paramount to take a bit more time to figure out how to move forward with the series in the wake of Paranormal Activity 4’s relatively disappointing box office numbers.  The found footage horror pic scored only $30 million domestically this weekend, falling short of the opening weekend takes of PA 2 and PA 3.  Hit the jump for more.

paranormal-activity-4-kathryn-newtonParanormal Activity 4’s negative reviews also didn’t help matters, but it’s important to note that found footage series does incredibly well overseas. PA 4 has already earned $25.6 million in 33 overseas territories, and if the last installment’s numbers abroad are any indication ($101 million in foreign box office for PA 3), then PA 4 is destined to make a decent amount of money worldwide.  Moreover, on a budget of $5 million, the fourth installment should turn quite the profit.

The Paranormal Activity franchise is so popular in Latino territories that Paramount put in motion a Latino-centric spinoff of the series back in April.  Christopher Landon is onboard to write and direct, and Deadline’s report regarding Paranormal Activity 5 notes that the studio has already set a tentative Spring 2013 release date for the spinoff.  Though the film won’t feature any of the main characters from the Paranormal Activity franchise, it is said to focus on the same demon-like thingy that enjoys lurking in shadows and throwing people across rooms.

In keeping with the production process of the previous sequels, no writer, director, or cast is set for Paranormal Activity 5 just yet.  Series veterans Oren Peli (who directed the first film but hasn’t helmed anything since) and Jason Blum will once again produce.  The next installment in the main franchise will hit theaters next Halloween, while the Latino spinoff will tentatively open this coming spring.


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