‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’: Watch People Get Scared in Haunted Open House

     October 15, 2015


In case you’ve missed all the horror-movie-marathon promos and drugstore chains filled with orange and black streamers, with mounds upon mounds of extra-large bags of candy for sale, Halloween is officially upon us, even with over two weeks to go before the costumed kids start trotting around the neighborhood. So, that means, naturally, that its about time for yet another unwanted Paranormal Activity film to see release, despite the fact that the film’s have now clearly crawled away from their stylistic gimmickry and become bland ghost movies peppered with cheap, off-putting jump scares. In anticipation of the release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the franchise has released a video of a kind of prank they pulled on some unexpected visitors at a West Coast open house.

Here’s the haunted open house video from Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension:

Videos like this are fun for a quick shot, but to say that the schtick is getting old would qualify as a candidate for understatement of the year. It’s similarly getting exhausting hearing about yet another Paranormal Activity movie, as the franchise is seemingly trying to butt heads with Saw and Final Destination for longest-running modern horror franchise that wasn’t particularly interesting in the first place. Even those films, however, added stylistic delineations between movies and were powered by the inventiveness of the deaths involved, which is less true of the Paranormal Activity films. Anyhow, the best horror films of the year thus far, including Unfriended, Goodnight Mommy, and It Follows, were released months ago, with It Follows being one of the first great films to be released in 2015. There’s certainly an audience for the kind of scares that the Paranormal Activity films bring to the table, but even the most die-hard fans of the franchise must be getting exhausted by the standard-issue premises and out-of-the-box frights that they’ve been rehashing for a little under a decade now.


Image via Paramount Pictures

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