June 24, 2015


We’ve been talking about Paranormal Activity 5 ever since Paranormal Activity 4 hit theaters in 2012, but we still went without a new installment for two years. (That is if you don’t count The Marked Ones.) However, the time has finally come to see what Toby is up to again. Paramount Pictures just unveiled the very first trailer for the fifth installment called Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and it features a whole batch of new characters, but they’re all directly affected by what happened to Katie and Kristi.

Check out the first Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension trailer for yourself below.

There’s a lot of promising content in there. First off, similar to the characters in Paranormal Activity 12 and 3, the family featured in this trailer comes across as a likable and charismatic group of people you can root for. The scares are also especially clever. I expected a trailer overloaded with jump scares, but a good deal of the sequences featured here are scary because of what’s happening in them, not necessarily because something pops up out of nowhere. It also looks as though the 3D could actually work well here. Yes, the film does have that grainy shaky cam quality, but the visuals are well composed and seem to put the extra depth to good use.

Paranormal Activity 4 was a disappointment, but I’m a big fan of the first three installments, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that The Ghost Dimension will impress, especially because it’s going to be the final film of the series. Click here to check out my interview with producer Jason Blum about the franchise coming to an end. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension hits theaters on October 23rd.


Image via USA Today

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