‘Parasite’ Makes Oscars History with Stunning Best Picture Win – ‘For Your Consideration’

     February 10, 2020

On this week’s For Your Consideration, Collider’s awards experts Scott Mantz, Perri Nemiroff and Jeff Sneider recap the 92nd Academy Awards, including the groundbreaking Best Picture win for Parasite.

Bong Joon Ho took home four Oscars on Sunday night, but he wasn’t the only one taking a victory lap come Monday morning, as Scott celebrated his first-place-finish among Gold Derby pundits, going 22-for-24 overall. He also won $40 bucks off Jeff, who was stunned by Parasite‘s big win, though he ultimately called it a good thing for the industry, and promised to rewatch the film again.

While Jeff had an inkling at the start of the season that there’d be some lingering pushback to last year’s Green Book win, he didn’t think Parasite would be the beneficiary. All season long, he cynically wrote off its chances, predicting a more traditional winner like 1917, or an even bigger upset from either Jojo Rabbit or Joker. In the end, he was way off, so the bag over his head at the start of this episode is more than appropriate.


Image via NEON/CJ Entertainment

Elsewhere, Perri did a great job predicting all of the short film categories, and that’s because she put in the work and watched them all. She also called Parasite‘s Best Picture victory, though she figured that Sam Mendes would win Best Director. However, it was not to be, as the #BongHive was out in full force on Sunday night.

While Scott made sure to get to the Neon party early, Jeff and Perri hosted a special evening at ArcLight Cinemas, where the Oscars were projected on the big screen, and there were numerous giveaways, including a signed copy of the Rocketman soundtrack on vinyl. The two FYC hosts offered entertaining commentary during every commercial break, and it was exciting to see the crowd erupt when Best Picture was announced.

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