Watch Director Bong Joon-ho Discuss ‘Parasite’ at FYC Screening Series

     January 18, 2020

Parasite director Bong Joon-ho and star Song Kang-ho joined For Your Consideration host Scott Mantz to discuss their six-time Oscar nominee as part of the FYC Screening Series at ArcLight Cinemas this week.

Parasite is Song’s fourth film with director Bong, and the actor talked about how their relationship has evolved over the years, as well as what makes Bong a great director. Before they first worked together on Memories of Murder, director Bong was worried whether he could earn a living, but when Song signed on, he got the film financed, and allowed Bong to start his filmmaking career.

Bong said that he started writing Parasite in 2013 during post-production on Snowpiercer, another film about the gap between the rich and the poor, so at the time, he was captivated by the theme of class and eager to explore it further on the big screen. It wasn’t until years later that he came up with the idea of a couple living in a secret basement beneath the home.


Image via ArcLight Cinemas

Director Bong said that when he wrote Mother, he had already settled on the last scene, so the writing process was about tailoring the story to get to that point. With Parasite, however, the story presented itself to him as he wrote it, so the end wasn’t necessarily planned out, though it eventually came to him like a waterfall.

Bong joked that he’s had a lot of downtime in between promotional stops for Parasite, and that he’s kept himself buying by watching lots of movies and catching up with the latest season of Fleabag.

While Song wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor to the dismay of many critics, Bong was nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, and the two of them talked about how honored they were to see Parasite nominated for six Academy Awards, including South Korea’s first nomination for Best International Film, which it is expected to win.


Image via ArcLight Cinemas

Watch the full Q&A above, and stay tuned for upcoming FYC interviews with the teams behind Us and Jojo Rabbit. And don’t forget to watch the latest episode of For Your Consideration, which takes an in-depth look at this year’s Oscar nominations. If you haven’t seen Parasite yet, click here to read Gregory Ellwood’s A-minus review, and after that pieced has convinced you to give it a chance, come back and check out Matt Goldberg‘s explanation on the ending.

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