Passes for San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Are Already on Sale

     September 16, 2009


You can now buy your 4 day Comic-Con 2010 pass now for $100.  Sure, Comic-Con is still almost an year away, but I can guarantee you that it’s safer to buy your passes as early as you can before it’s too late.  I’ve never been to the mecca of all things geek, but I do know that it’s a pain to get a pass and that passes were already selling out 3 months in advance this year.  I only expect it to get more difficult this year as Comic-Con only gets more popular each year.  If you know you are already going for sure, then why not get your passes now?  If something comes up there is always Ebay and people who were not as smart as you and waited until the Con was six months away.

Hit the jump to get on getting passes and if you need convicing for some reason you can also read Matt’s reasons you should go.

Matt’s Words of Wisdom: As crowded and as crazy as it can be, I think Comic-Con is a great event.  In my second year of attending I had a really great time not only from what I saw in Hall H but just the various events, folks I met, and that it felt like a festival.  It’s not a film festival-although it did help boost positive buzz for “District 9” and “Ninja Assassin” and confirmed that “Mystery Team” was one of the year’s best comedies-but a festival in the sense of a gathering with lots to do and a festive atmosphere.

And based on the release dates of upcoming films, there could be presentations for “Star Trek 2”, “Thor”, “The Green Hornet”, and many others.  Also, fanboys may not have to spew righteous indignation towards “Twilight” fan-girls since the third installment, “Eclipse”, will be out before the Con so you might be able to stand in a line that isn’t quite as long.  What’s not to like?

Oh, and why you were reading this, I think most of the badges were purchased.  Sorry about that.  Click here to go and buy yours.


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