Pat Healy and Craig Zobel – Exclusive Video Interview

     September 14, 2007

Have you ever visited the website Homestar Runner? It’s the site with Strong Bad and Trogdor. Anyway, one of the guys who helped start that site is named Craig Zobel and he has just made his first film, “Great World of Sound.” The movie is a contemporary take on the classic American story of the confidence man. With real-life audition footage weaved into the fictional narrative, Zobel’s debut our desire for celebrity by following two brand new salesmen for a record company.

To help promote the movie I recently got to interview Craig and Pat Healy – one of the stars of the film. The video interview is below and it’s divided into two parts with a description of what we talked about above each section.

And if you missed the movie clips I posted the other day, you can watch them here.

“Great World of Sound” has already opened in New York and it arrives on September 28th in L.A. and the rest of the country in October.

Pat Healy and Craig Zobel – Part 1

How did the project come together and how was David Gordon Green involved.

What’s the film about and what part does Pat play.

Improv and were real people involved as actors.

Homestar Runner and Strong Bad history. How was he involved with the creation of all that stuff. He grew up with Mike Chapman.

Pat talks about being in Assassination of Jesse James and what part he plays and how he got involved.

Pat Healy and Craig Zobel – Part 2

Pat’s been on a ton of cult shows like Star Trek, 24, Six Feet Under. I ask if he had a favorite and he admits he was a big Star Trek fan.

What’s coming up for both of them.

Craig talks about his background and his next project which is more of a broad comedy. Right now it’s called Turkey in the Straw.

Both of them talk about their writing process.

Pat talks about Rescue Dawn.

Plans for the DVD.

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