Patrick Stewart Dishes on His BFF Ian McKellen in This Adorable Wired Clip

     February 25, 2020


Sir Patrick Stewart is wonderful. We all know this. From Star Trek to X-Men to Shakespeare and everything in between (I’m partial to this stoned explanation of quadruple takes, myself), Stewart has cemented himself as an incredible acting talent and a genuinely charming, wholesome human being. He took that image up a notch when appearing on Wired’s lovely “celebrities answer Googled questions about themselves” program, revealing many lovely things — including the origins of his friendship with Sir Ian McKellen.


Image via 20th Century Fox

If you didn’t know this, I am beyond blessed to report that Stewart and McKellen (the latter of Lord of the RingsX-Men, Shakespeare and everything in between fame) have a delightful, genuine, wholesome friendship. The two have performed Waiting for Godot together, for goodness’ sake! And Stewart is happy to reveal how the two met and hit it off. I wouldn’t dream of spoiling it for you, but suffice it to say it involves joint trailers on the set of X-Men, tea, and, uh, drinks that are stronger than tea. What a delightful guy, this Mr. Stewart!

Check out the full clip below, and see how Stewart answers the most popular Google questions about him. For more on the knight, here’s our review of the Star Trek: Picard premiere. Plus: an offer to Whoopi Goldberg. And: our review of the underrated Charlie’s Angels reboot — but, no, Stewart is not related to Kristen Stewart.