Patrick Wilson and James Marsden in Talks for LOFT

     February 23, 2011


Patrick Wilson and James Marsden are the cream of the crop for on-screen nice guys.  So obviously if they join forces, it will be a very dark and disturbing movie.  Variety reports that Wilson and Marsden are in talks to star in the indie thriller Loft, a remake of a 2008 Belgian film directed by Erik Van Looy.  Loft is a whodunit about five men who posess the only keys to a penthouse apartment designed for their adulterous needs.  The timeshare setup is strained when one friend discovers a dead woman shackled to the bed.  Van Looy will return to direct the English-language version of his film from an adapted script by Wesley Strick (A Nightmare on Elm Street).  Anonymous Content hopes to get Loft in front of cameras before the end of the year.

Hit the jump for the synopsis and trailer for the Belgian original.

The trailer features brief nudity, and the characters insist on speaking Flemish.  Be careful on both counts.


Five men share a secret that has deadly consequences in this thriller from Belgium. When Filip (Matthias Schoenaerts), a playboy with a wild streak, finally settles down and gets married, his good friend Vincent (Filip Peeters) presents him and three of his friends with a special gift. Vincent is an architect, and after supervising the renovation of a apartment block, he installed a luxurious penthouse flat for the use of himself and his married pals, where they can enjoy liaisons with other women without their spouses becoming any the wiser. Filip, Vincent and three of their buddies — hard-drinking ladies’ man Marnix (Koen de Graeve), Filip’s psychoanalyst brother Chris (Koen De Bauw) and taciturn Luc (Bruno Vanden Broecke) — are the only ones with keys to the flat, and the only ones who are supposed to know it exists. But one day one of the five checks into the apartment and discovers a woman’s bloody corpse shackled to the bed; one of their group is a murderer, but who is the killer and how can the others keep this a secret from the police and their families? [Fandango]

Both Wilson and Marsden will next be seen in an April 1 release: Insidious for Wilson, Hop for Marsden.  Marsden stars opposite Kate Bosworth in the Straw Dogs remake due September 16.  Wilson has The Ledge and Young Adult coming up in 2011.

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