Paul Bettany Video Interview LEGION

     January 21, 2010

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Since I’ve already posted a ton of coverage/interviews for Legion, I’m going to keep this intro brief.  If you don’t know about the film, here’s a ton of movie clips and a synopsis.

Anyway, last week I got to talk with the cast and it’s time for my final video interview and it’s with Paul Bettany.  While Bettany playing a former angel wielding machine guns might be a touch out of character for this great British actor, he tells me that’s one of the reasons he wanted to do the movie.  Also, we talked about his next movie Priest and he tells me he’s about to once again record the voice of Jarvis in Iron Man 2 (the voice of Tony Stark’s house).  If you’re a fan of this great actor, or just curious about Legion, hit the jump to watch the  interview:

Paul Bettany

  • Priest talk
  • What got him involved in Legion
  • What was it like to do the wire work – he explains what part of the body hurt the most….
  • Is he doing the voice of Jarvis in Iron Man 2 again – says he is recording the part this week
  • Talks about doing the voice on the first film
  • What does he have coming up


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