Paul Feig on ‘Ghostbusters’, His 3.5-Hour First Cut, and Why It’s Worth Seeing in 3D

     July 18, 2016

With Ghostbusters now in theaters, a few days ago I sat down with director Paul Feig for an exclusive video interview. He talked about what it was like making Ghostbusters when some people have been against the film, how his first cut was three and a half hours, the extended cut of the film that will be on the Blu-ray, why you should see Ghostbusters in 3D, and a lot more. As most of you know, the film stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the new Ghostbusters and Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Michael K. WilliamsMatt Walsh, and Neil Casey round out the cast.

Before going any further, I should say I’ve fallen out of love with 3D in movies. Hollywood has taken something that could have been awesome and destroyed it with lackluster presentations, and releasing tons of films that never needed the format. But when done with care and passion like Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, and Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, 3D can be something that adds a tremendous amount to a film by using the format to help tell the story. And that’s exactly what Paul Feig has done with Ghostbusters. He’s used 3D to help tell the story, and because of that, I strongly recommend seeing Ghostbusters in IMAX 3D to get the full experience. Unlike some 3D films which use the format to add depth to the screen, Feig uses 3D in a fun and cool way by having the beams and explosions break the movie frame. I absolutely loved the way he uses the format.

Check out what Paul Feig had to say in the video above, and check out some of our recent articles below.


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Image via Sony Pictures



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