Watch Paul Rudd, Most Wholesome Man Alive, Take a Paul Rudd Buzzfeed Quiz

     October 28, 2019


“Look at us. Hey: Look at us,” goes Paul Rudd in a now memed clip from his appearance on Hot Ones. He’s talking about the fact that he’s about to pound a bunch of spicy-ass hot wings. But as many Twitter users have recontextualized the comment to be about, well, everything, so to shall we: We’ve got yet another clip to show of Paul Rudd being a charming, wholesome, downright gem of a human being while promoting Netflix clone comedy Living with Yourself. This time, he’s taking a Buzzfeed quiz. About which Paul Rudd Character he is. And all this Paul Rudd content is, sincerely, not getting old. Who would’ve thought? Not me.

If you’ve never taken a Buzzfeed quiz, you must’ve never been bored at work. The way they basically work is: You answer a bunch of innocuous questions (“What would you binge on Netflix?”), and the mysterious Buzzfeed algorithm takes all the seemingly random answers and spits out a shockingly correct answer (“You are Josh Lucas from Clueless“). Their team, brilliantly, had Rudd fill out a Rudd-centered quiz, and his “Aw shucks” modesty of knowing he’s going to wind up a version of himself is so freaking endearing.


Image via Netflix

The clip, which you absolutely should watch in full, plays like a greatest hits of Rudd’s charm. He calls Amy Poehler a “funny genius” and says we need more of her in the world. He characterizes himself as being “kind,” before making a self-deprecating crack as to how braggy that sounds. He misunderstands wordplay about chicken wings “apps.” And most hilariously, he 100% does not actually click any of the answers as he goes through them, and must start from scratch. Also — you can knock Buzzfeed all you want, but they know how to craft a dang quiz. We don’t want to spoil the Paul Rudd character Paul Rudd winds up as. We’ll just say “it’s correct.”

Check out the entire, wholesome AF video below. And for more Rudd goodness, here he is doing the best late night talk show bit ever.