Toronto Readers: Director Paul W.S. Anderson and Producer Jeremy Bolt Hosting EVENT HORIZON Screening and Q&A Sunday Night

     December 15, 2011

If you’ve been holding out for a chance to see Event Horizon on the big screen again (or for the first time), this is your lucky day. Director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt are hosting a screening and Q&A for their 1997 sci-fi horror film. The screening will take place this weekend, Sunday December 18th, at the Toronto Underground Cinema. For those of you unfamiliar with Event Horizon, the pic takes place in the year 2047 and centers on a crew made up of Laurence Fishbourne, Jason Isaacs, Joely Richardson, and Sam Neill that sets out to answer a distress signal received from a starship that disappeared seven years prior. Once they encounter the ship, all hell essentially breaks loose.

I don’t remember much about Event Horizon other than the fact that 10-year-old me was emphatically freaked out. If you’re near Toronto and wish to check out the screening at the Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave, Toronto), the Q&A with Paul and Jeremy starts at 7pm with the screening set to follow at 8. The box office opens at 6:30pm and tickets are $10. For a blast from the past, hit the jump to check out the original trailer for the flick.


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